A J Drury Deliveries Ltd

Station Road, Stanley Village,
Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 6FJ

T: 0115 944 3346

E: info@drurydeliveries.com



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We run one 4 meter panel van, but also contract work out to other couriers which can work to the customers favour to offer the best price.  


Curtain Sider

This has a body size of 4.5m x 2m. The height under the pelmet is 2.15m, maximum pay load 1.2 metric ton.


Flat beds

We have four flat bed trucks which are ideal for the engineering industry, which is the core of the business. With a loading capacity of approximately 1.5ton; the loading beds vary slightly but are roughly 4m long by 2.1m. They are fitted with gantries front and back so lengths up to 7m long can be carried safely.



Our contractors have a variety of vehicles, from 7.5 ton flat bed crane lorries and curtain sides to a 26 ton crane lorry.

We also have another company that supply us with artics both flats and taught liners.




We have a uniform with our company name and logo on, which we think shows you and your customers that we are a team and our goal is to offer a reliable and professional service to the customer.